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Swedish Womenīs rugby this Autumn

25 Jul 2017
After the modest excitement of the Ladies playing GP 7s and the Swedish 7s championships itīs back to a 15-a-side Championship where many of the teams will have as a major consideration whether or not they can get a team together for the next weekend.

Internationals 2017 - 2018

19 Jul 2017
There is quite a heavy programme of 7s and 15s games in the first half of 2018. Time to start planning for this NOW!

Two relegated - Sweden and Netherlands go down

9 Jul 2017
I have assumed that only one team would be relegated, like the men, but it appears that it is two up and two down for the women. My mistake and most of my calculations irrelevant. Sweden did beat Italy and the Netherlands beat Spain, but they still have the highest combined rankings.

Sweden still in trouble

9 Jul 2017
The Netherlands won their match against Italy with a struggle, scoring all their points in the last 90 seconds. Sweden then lost 17 - 12 to Spain after a poor and careless game. So if the Netherlands beat Spain and Italy beat Sweden in the last round, itīs relegation time. Weīll know in a couple of hours.

GP 7s Day One

8 Jul 2017
Iīll write about the actual tournament tomorrow. Whatīsmore important today is to workout what is required for Sweden to keep its place in the GP.