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Södertälje - Pingvin 12 - 12

29 Aug 2015
An anxious week awaits Södertälje before the trip to Trelleborg. A win by one point will see them into the final, but that also applies to Pingvin who will have home advantage. Ever since Södertälje beat Pingvin away at the start of the season they have been regarded as given finalists. But after today´s result Pingvin must be narrow favourites to take their place.

Dad´s army and next generation beat Västerås

29 Aug 2015
A mixture of Exiles close to playing their last game of rugby, many who have just started playing their first games of senior rugby, together with players returning from injury and holidays proved too strong for Västerås, although the final score did not reflect the evenness of the game.

Ladies head for the final!

29 Aug 2015
Exiles Ladies got it together in the Trelleborg semi and ran out comfortable winners 48 - 5. There is now a meaningless three week gap before the first final against Göteborg.

Season almost completed!

28 Aug 2015
Doubt if many people are left who are the least bit interested in Swedish rugby. This group cannot be said to include the SRU, who were last able to write something on August 18 (via Jennifer). This concerned Swedish U18 girls stepping in at their own expense to make up the numbers in the European Championships on September 12. Anything else happening that day? There was some talk about Sweden playing in the European 1B XV-a-side Men´s championship on the same day. But not a word has appeared about team selected, preparations, importance of the game, what Enköping (the host club) are doing, etc. If the match has been discretely cancelled, I feel an announcement should be made. Otherwise we will keep living in hope that Sweden will get some sort of team on the field.

Exiles 3 t play 2 games on the weekend

25 Aug 2015
Exiles 3 to play Västerås on Saturday and Berserkers on Sunday