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Round two of the Men´s 7s

30 Jun 2016
Sweden faces up to the same 11 teams in the European Trophy event with a different and perhaps a more favourable group. Ireland proved to be a different class from the other teams and, as we saw the next weekend they were not at all far away from qualifying for the Olympics. They will of course want to be the one team which is promoted to the European GP in 2017 and on to the World Series thereafter. They may not, however, top their team as they did in the Olympic repechage.

Great display by Spanish girls!

28 Jun 2016
For the second time in a week the Spaniards caused a sensation and the girls will now be joining their male counterparts in Rio. Russia the favourites of course, but Spain just got their noses ahead in the final and held on. These girls have been playing together for five or six years and, like the men, many will be ending their careers as Olympians. Not a bad way to go.

Tankar inför midsommar

24 Jun 2016
Vissa positiva signaler under säsongens första hälft, andra mindre positiva. Diskussionen fortsätter om vilka medel som landslagen får disponera, utan att SRF visat en ökad benägenhet att tillföra medel. Ungdomsrugby upp till 14 år har florerat på flera distrikt i Sverige, inte minst Mälardalen. Svenska mästerskapet för sjumanna har fungerat bra hittills och en rad nya föreningar på nya orter har bildats. Seriesystemet fortsätter att halta och krympa och det finns farhågor för några av Sveriges äldsta föreningar. Sverige har klarat sig bra i Europa på sistone. Låt oss titta på dessa områden i tur och ordning.

Remaining league games

19 Jun 2016
The promise of a record-breaking 8 Swedish league games shrank to six when Attila as expected gave a w.o. to Karlstad and Lugi did the same instead of travelling to Kalmar. Not good, but that´s Swedish rugby at present.
Otherwise, Vänersborg took 60 points off Göteborg while Exiles C and Erikslund won easily against Berserkers and Västerås respectively.
Exiles figured in three of the six games this weekend, with a total of 60 players on the field.

Fabulous Olympic qualifier in Monaco

19 Jun 2016
Spain scored in the last seconds to beat Samoa in the final and are now on the road to Rio. The dream ended for Ireland in the Quarters but the team that just beat them 12 - 7 were the final winners Spain. All in all a great tournament where Spain, Germany and Ireland all shone for Europe.