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Moldova 57 - Sweden 8

22 Nov 2014
As expected, the Swedish team was no match for Moldova who, fortunately, were not quite as sharp as they have been in recent weeks.

Squad for Moldova posted

19 Nov 2014
The squad for Saturday is to be found on the Union website. It reflects the fact that at least 19 players have said no. The best we can hope for is that no-one gets seriously injured.

Belgium 25 Ukraine 10

15 Nov 2014
As expected, Belgium proved a bit sharper than a fairly average Ukrainian team. I only saw the last 20 minutes which was played entirely in the Ukraine half of the field. The Belgians pushed a bigger but less fit pack all over the field. All six teams in 1B have now played at least one game and the two weakest so far would seem to be Sweden and the Ukraine. If Sweden had their best team, properly prepared and trained, I am convinced that they could be challenging for the 1B title. But that is sadly not going to happen.

Same procedure as last week!

15 Nov 2014
Moldovas pack slaughtered Poland in much the same way as they had outclassed Ukraine the week before. They had four tries and a bonus point after half an hour and by half-time the Moldovan forwards had scored five tries to lead 31 - 13. Polen had a five minute burst in the second half to close the gap, but three more tries from the Moldovan pack made it 48 - 25 at full-time.

Moldova mystery tour

15 Nov 2014
The Union continues its policy of providing no information whatsoever about the preparations or squad for the match in Chisinau in 7 days time. Not surprising, as the situation is chaotic as usual.