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Sverige 0 - Ukraine 45

18 Oct 2014
As predicted, a very poor Swedish team was outclassed by a very average Ukrainian team which never had to move out of second gear. Time for those responsible for this fiasco to consider their positions.

Team against Ukraine announced

18 Oct 2014
The squad is up on the Union home page. Never have I seen a Swedish team with so many obvious choices excluded and so many no-hopers included. Half the players from teams getting beaten by 100-odd points by Enköping and Exiles. Both these teams from last week are 30 - 40 points better than this Swedish select. Only hope is that the Ukraine prove to be much weaker than normal for political reasons.

International weekend

17 Oct 2014
Sweden now moves on to round 2 of the European 1B Championship. In September Sweden lost 29 – 17 to Poland in Warsaw. In the two year series with six countries, comprising five home and five away games, Sweden would have to win a minimum of three games to have a chance of staying in this prestige group beyond 2016. We have the players to do so, but at present we do not have the infrastructure to win anything. Sweden were completely unprepared and close to giving a walkover against Poland, but those who did finally turn out put up a better show than could reasonably have been expected. Our pack was not international class but our backs had the beating of Poland.

Öppet brev till förbundsordf.

12 Oct 2014
Här några synpunkter på herrlandslaget.

Exiles in command at the death

11 Oct 2014
No one knew quite what to expect of the second final. Would Exiles comfortably add to their points total, would Enköping give up in the face of a 28-point deficit or would there be a real match like the first final? Anyone hoping that Exiles would comfortably stroll to victory quickly realized that Enköping had other intentions. For the first ten minutes of the game they attacked non-stop and were close to the line on a couple of occasions. But once again it was the Exiles defence that stood firm and Enköping had nothing to show for their enormous efforts.