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Official Stockholm Tens 2015 Video

27 Nov 2015
The official video from the 2015 edition of the Stockholm Tens is now available on YouTube. Share it with your mates to help spread the word about this amazing tournament that our club runs every year.

Czechs just beat Malta

24 Nov 2015
The Czechs kept their hopes alive of getting promoted again to 1B when they scored a converted try in the last minute of the game against Malta to make it 13 - 20. Still one point behind Switzerland, however, with both countries two games to play in the Spring.

Support Exiles while doing your Christmas shopping

18 Nov 2015
Christmas is around the corner, and many of us will likely be doing our Christmas shopping online. Why not also support your favourite rugby club by signing up to Sponsorhuset? Lots of popular shopping sites, including cdon.com and ASOS, and a portion of your spending will be given in support of the Exiles (at no extra cost to you!).

European Championships take a break

18 Nov 2015
International season over until the Spring. In 1B, Sweden lost all three games and are now definitely relegated. They have been in 1B for four years and will now return to 2A in 2016. Thereafter there will be promotion and relegation on a yearly basis which means that Sweden have a chance to bounce back to 1B by 2017. If we take the challenge seriously, which was not of course the case in 2014 – 2016. I will be publishing a review of this period shortly.

R.I.P. Jonah

18 Nov 2015
Sad, sad news to hear that the great Jonah Lomu has left us. Had the good fortune to see him demolish England in the famous WC-semifinal at Newlands in 1995. Also to chat to him in Mar del Plata in 2001 when he single-handed slaughtered the opposition in the World Sevens Championships. We shall not see his like again.