Stockholm Exiles RFC, founded 1963

First game This is a pictures of the Exiles in 1963, on their way to the club´s first game ever. We are slowly but surely reconstructing what actually happened in the early days. Were you there? Do you remember anything? Does anyone?
Here is some historical data that i have compiled (Thirsty work I can tell you).

  • All of our Chairmen & Captains
  • Award winners
  • Exile of the year
  • Goldern years

    Below is a picture of the original club logo, an overflowing beer mug. I have also added two team photos, one from the sixties and one of the Swedish Cup champions 1972. The missing names from 1972 have now been added thanks to Fredrik von Bergen. Some more text about the history of the club is beeing worked on as we surf, stay tuned for more thrilling facts to come.