These maps shows you how to get to some of the faccilities we use.

How to get to Årstafältet
By public transport you can take buss 144 from Gullmarsplan" or Fruängen, get of at "Sockengränd". If you are hungry you can get a bite to eat at McDonalds there, they are one of our sponsors.

You can also get the subway to Gullmarsplan or Liljeholmen and take the light rail train to "Valla torg" (do not get of at station "Årstafältet" it is not the closest option).For train & bus times go to the Stockholm Public Transport web page.

If you come by car it is easiest to visit the swedish Yellow Pages. This link will show you a map of Årstafältet. You can choose where you come from and get a detailed description if you wish.

Direct links (maps from Yellow pages) to some of our training facilities:
Bosön, Lidingö
Mälarhöjdens IP
Stadshagens IP
Sportfabriken, Sjövikskajen 18
Årsta Sportfält

#1-Årsta Sportfält, this is our main training and playing area.
#2-Enskede IP
, some games are played here.
#3-Stureby IP
, some autumn session are usually here (under lights).
#4-Gubbängens IP
, some pre-season trainings are taken here.

#5-Mälarhöjdens IP
, some games and trainings take place here.