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Ladies win in Trelleborg

30 Sep 2017
Exiles ladies win by 36-5

The final countdown!

27 Sep 2017
Time for the Men´s finals and the Ladies´ semis, with the two leading clubs figuring in both. Exiles meet Pingvin for the third year in a row, while one of last year´s Ladies´ finalists, Göteborg, has completely dropped out the picture. It´s crunch time for Trojan and Göteborg as well as they battle for a place in Allsvenskan next year.

Worrying result against Denmark

26 Sep 2017
The Swedish XV lost the training match against Denmark 18 – 10 on Saturday, the first defeat by our neighbours in 16 years. Denmark play one level below Sweden in Europe. Since the present chairperson of the SRF was elected to her post, Sweden have now lost 20 internationals out of 21 and there is every reason to feel nervous about the game in three weeks time against Hungary.

USM 2017

25 Sep 2017
Årets USM spelades i helgen

Årets höjdpunkt 3

17 Sep 2017
Sverige vinner sista matchen och slutar på 11:e plats av 12. Borde innebära nedflyttning men oklart vad som händer nästa år.

Thoughts on today´s games

16 Sep 2017
This was the day when Enköping and Hammarby, after hard-fought first semis, would rise to the occasion, catch up and pass the relatively small leads which Exiles and Pingvin had established the week before. It didn´t work out that way and the favourites progressed comfortably to the finals.

Årets höjdpunkt 2

16 Sep 2017
Efter spaltkilometer om U18-tjejernas förberedelser inför Europas 7-manna mästerskap är det plötsligt total tystnad från SRF om själva turneringen.

Exiles in 17th final in a row!

16 Sep 2017
Exiles kept comfortably in front of Hammarby to win 19 - 3 with an aggregate of 52 - 21 over the two semis. Pingvin triumphed over an understrength Enköping 69 - 24 to record an aggregate of 91 - 37. Exiles - Pingvin final for the third year in a row and Exiles in final for the whole of the 21st century.

Kort om helgen

15 Sep 2017
Andra semifinalerna och kvalspel till Allsvenskan.

Årets höjdpunkt!

15 Sep 2017
Det feministiskt inriktade SRF uppnår nu säsongens höjdpunkt när Sveriges U18 7-manna damlag ställer upp i ett nystiftat Mästerskap för denna kategori.