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Swedish results

20 May 2018
Not all six remaining results in for the weekend, Allsvenskan reported yesterday. Div. 1 awaited with interest.

Wales just edge Sweden in final game

20 May 2018
Sweden were within a conversion of levelling the score att 19 - 19 with a minute to go, but it was Wales who got the decider to make it 26 - 17. Hard work with only 9 players but still a fine performance by Sweden to finish 10th and outside the relegation zone. We can look forward to the next round in six weeks time.

Great team display by Sweden!

20 May 2018
Sweden came back from 10 - 0 to beat Poland 12 - 10 in the closing seconds after being under the cosh for most of the game. Sweden had only nine fit players, all of them backs, and they struggled against the big Polish forwards.

Två allsvenska resultat

19 May 2018
Enköping - Exiles 12 - 41; Pingvin - Göteborg 28 - 14. Två bortasegrar för Exiles hittills, två hemmasegrar för Pingvin. Enköping lär ha gjort bra ifrån sig, de fick dock ett rött kort och slocknade på slutet. Exiles spelade tydligen mycket dåligt med ständigt tappade bollar. Viss skärpning dock den sista kvarten.
Dagens höjdpunkt var en mycket lyckad ungdomsverksamhet i Uppsala med många deltagare. Det ser bra ut inom Stockholmsdistriktet.

Sweden beat Georgia 24 – 12!

19 May 2018
Great win for Sweden with some excellent attack and defence. 24 – 0 up with 5” to go, Georgia came back strongly to make it 24 – 12 but Sweden were in command for the last three minutes. Tries I think by Dustin, Rikard 2 and Philip. Sweden just fail to make the top 8, they came 9th and will now play last place Poland. 10th and 11th are Wales and Georgia.

Lithuania - Malta 81 - 10

19 May 2018
Conference N 1 winners beat Conference S 1 winners by a huge margin to qualify for the European Trophy next season. Conference 1 North from the Autumn will consist of Moldova, Ukraine, Sweden, Latvia and Luxemburg a group which Sweden should be planning to win.

France – Sweden 19 – 10

19 May 2018
Only difference between the teams was a couple of unforced errors in the second half. Sweden improving and certainly not looking out of their depth. Two good tries by Robin and one near miss by Jono.

Russia - Sweden 24 - 0

19 May 2018
Not a bad display by Sweden against a fairly strong Russian team. They pretty much held their own in the second half and can be quite hopeful in the continuation.

European GP Sevens in Moscow starts in 45"!

18 May 2018
Sweden with 11 players; one player and one Team Manager missing because of visa problems. Supporter Anders Svärd steps in as Team Manager in Moscow!
Sweden start off against Russia at 10.50. Watch this space!

Åtta seriematcher i helgen

17 May 2018
Hittills har 14 matcher spelats fördelade över sju serier. Nu får vi 8 till.