Swedish Women´s rugby this Autumn

25 Jul 2017
After the modest excitement of the Ladies playing GP 7s and the Swedish 7s championships it´s back to a 15-a-side Championship where many of the teams will have as a major consideration whether or not they can get a team together for the next weekend.

There are nine teams involved, five in the South and four in North. The North play a double series, I e six games each, while in the South it´s a single series with four games each. Three games have been played so far in the North and nine remain. Very unlikely that Exiles will not win followed by Uppsala. In the South five games have been played so far (one w.o.) and five remain. Vänersborg and Pingvin are well ahead of the others and Pingvin are fortunate enough to have the home game against their main rivals. Vänersborg are probably marginally stronger, but the long trip to Skåne might just give Pingvin the edge. No matter who Exiles play in the semis, they are likely to win and I don´t expect the result to be any different in the final. A Ladies season of 28 games with really only four clubs approaching a decent team. Sweden are reportedly trying to get together a new National team, they failed to even enter for this year´s World Cup in Ireland, and there are rumblings of some new European competition in 2018.
There is only one country in the world which has a fully professional Ladies´ 15s squad and that is England. They have just announced that they will be abolishing that squad and concentrating on 7s. Not a good signal for the 15-a-side game.

For the record there are 274 registered senior females in Sweden and only 3 – 4 clubs which could normally field a team of 23 players. There are 12 girls born 1999 (U18) and 16 born 2000. All together about 300 females of whom perhaps 220 are active.

The figures are equally depressing for the Men/Boys, but I´ll come back to them later.

Author: HM Sr