Rick La Roche is on TV4

6 Apr 2018
Rick La Roche - Stockholm Exiles first "Robinson" participant.

Rick La Roche was selected to be part of this year's "Robinson" (Survivor) contestants.

The show is on TV4 and TV4Play and Rick showed up late in yesterday's episode. Robinson is shown at 1930 Monday through Thursday (30 minutes) and Sundays at 2100 (one hour).

At 70, Rick is the oldest participant ever in Robinson and the first rugby player (we believe) to be part of the show.

I hope you will enjoy the programme and follow Rick as he battles people who are in some cases 50 years younger than him and do himself and the club proud!

Rick has been a member of the Exiles since the early 70s (he had long hair then), and has put his body on the line, again, again, and again for the club. Sweden's knee surgeons have had their hands full with all of Rick's knee operations (18 and still counting), including 5 ACL reconstructions.

Ricks, a former Exiles chairman, also has two sons who have played for the club: Richard III (now 38 and no longer playing) and Sean (11), who is still playing.

Allan Mabon
Stockholm Exiles RFC