Now or never for Swedish XV

11 May 2018
Sweden plays Latvia in the final game of the European Conference N 1 for 2017 - 2018. Defeat without a losing bonus point, possibly any defeat, will mean relegation to Conference N 2, Swedens lowest level for many decades.

The Swedish team reports one change from that which was well beaten by Lithuania two weeks ago. Fortunately, Latvia seems to be fielding a poor team; there is a dispute with their best club, Miesnieki, and only one of their players is selected. The rest are six from Livonia, four from LMT and four from England. Of these, three play for North Ribbesdale, just relegated to the 7th level in England, and one for Blaydon, just relegated to the 5th level.
The best Swedish team would beat them easily, but we are fielding nothing like our best team. We have 11 players from abroad, most of them also playing at very low levels in England and Ireland, seven from Allsvenskan and five Odds and Sods.
Letīs hope a disaster can be avoided and that we can start afresh in the Autumn in the N 1 group.

Author: HM Sr