Biggest league weekend of the year!

25 May 2018
There are only about 100 league games in the whole season. But this weekend sees no fewer than 13 games with 26 teams on show. The only teams missing out are Pingvin, Karlstad and Pingvin B. Let´s enjoy them in the sun.

All eight of the ladies´ teams are in action on Saturday at 1 o´clock. Exiles play their first game at Skarpnäck against Uppsala while Berserkers travel to Enköping. Probable home wins. In the South Skåne Ladies (Malmö/Lugi) head for Vänersborg while Pingvin travel up the coast to West Gotha (Borås/Göteborg). Vänersborg favourites in the South while Pingvin should beat a shaky West Gotha.

Allsvenskan sees Enköping heading for Göteborg and Troján meeting Exiles at Skarpnäck, Both games Saturday at 3 p.m. You can see most games on Youtube nowadays; I can´t say I´ve been very impressed with any of the five teams so far. Exiles are without a complete international back division but should still be too good for Troján. A young Enköping team did not badly against Exiles last week while Göteborg showed a bit of spark in the second half away to Pingvin. Could be a close game.

Then it´s on to Div. 1 on the Sunday. Södertälje meet Erikslund (1 p.m.) and Hammarby are off to Kalmar Södra (2 p.m.). Södertälje lost away to Kalmar last week while Hammarby (with 12 of their starters 29 and over) in the end won comfortably over the youngsters from Erikslund. Wouldn´t like to put money on either of the outcomes of these games, but it´s obvious that neither of the two former top teams are a class apart from the newcomers.

Finally, on to the 3 Second Divisions. On Saturday at 2 p.m. Spartacus have another long trip away to Skåne to meet Malmö while on Sunday at the same time Helsingborg meet Lugi. Spartacus have lost three in a row while Malmö have one draw from two games so don´t expect a thriller. Helsingborg with plenty new players have their tails up with three wins but Lugi are also doing well with a win and a draw. I expect Helsingborg to continue their winning streak.
In Mälardalen, Uppsala meet Attila (Sat. 1 p.m.) and Exile B face Berserkers (Sun. 1 p.m.). Uppsala should beat Attila, who are struggling to get a team together. 0 – 110 against Exiles B last week will not have helped. Exiles B will also be far too strong for Berserkers.
Then, the 3-team Mellersta Div. 2. Only one game each week of course and this time it´s Linköping at home to Katrineholm (Sun. 1 p.m.). Both teams have lost to Karlstad so far but the outcome will depend on what sort of team Linköping can get together.

I don´t know how many people follow the Swedish rugby results with interest; I am one of them. It is extremely annoying for the results to trickle in, some of them taking until Tuesday to appear. There are rules about how quickly the results should be reported and players, teams and supporters like to know where they stand. Skärpning!

Author: HM Sr