Exiles still undefeated this season

27 May 2018
A good win for the Twos, 46 - 14, against a much improved Berserkers to make it three out of three in Div 2 Mälardalen.

Exiles, with their usual mixture of teenagers and 50 year-olds with a few in-betweens as well, put up a rather sloppy performance against the Berserkers who for the first time have some scoring potential.Not much pattern to the game early on but Oscar R-F returning to the fold got over early on, with Henry converting to make it 7 - 0. With the wind behind them Exiles continued to put on the pressure and one of the mature Exiles, Doug, was on the spot to touch down, Then it was Nabib´s turn to power his way over and just before the break youngster Elias who was dominating in the lineouts was on the spot to get another. Another teenager, Alasdair, had a few good driving runs. Exiles ahead 22 - 0 at the break but they had by no means dominated.
Berserkers then had the wind behind them, kicked strategically and won the third quarter with a try in the corner and a fine conversion. Berserkers continued to challenge but Exiles got their act together in the last 15" and went over for four more tries. First Christian, then Henry, Sylvain and finally the old war-horse Hamish galopped away to add to his 500 odd tries for the club. But in the final play, Berserkers had the last word when a kick bounced favourably and their No 10 sprinted through to touch down under the posts. Poorly timed passes and losing possession too easily meant Exiles scored less than they should have, but Berserkers should be encouraged by today´s showing.

Author: HM Sr