Plus and minus this weekend

28 May 2018
I wrote positively on Friday that 13 league games were due to be played this weekend, the most for some time. I also called on the clubs to phone in their results as soon as possible to keep rugby Sweden informed. Here was the outcome at 10.30 p.m. on Sunday:

8 matches on Saturday/ 5 on Sunday:
6 matches reported, 4 still not reported, 3 walkovers

Not too impressive, let´s look a little closer:
Saturday: Exiles – Troján 79 – 0; West Gota – Pingvin 7 – 17; Uppsala – Attila 64 – 5
Exiles – Uppsala not reported (42 – 0), Göteborg – Enköping not reported (20 – 19)
Malmö – Spartacus 15 – 0 (walkover) Vänersborg – Skåne Ladies 15 – 0 (walkover)
Enköping – Berserkers (walkover)

Sunday: Helsingborg – Lugi 36 – 10, Linköping – Katrineholm 22 – 17,
Kalmar Södra – Hammarby 10 19
Södertälje – Erikslund not reported (67 – 14), Exiles – Berserkers not reported (46 – 14)

By Monday afternoon the Göteborg and Södertälje results had come in but Exiles still hadn´t managed to report their matches against Uppsala and Berserkers. A poor show.

The end of May is a bad time for away trips with weddings, student parties and families heading for their boats and summer cottages. It´s still disappointing that three teams are struggling to get teams together after only a few weeks into the season.

With a couple more reports in we can see that the old firm (Robin and Tim) accounted for all 19 Enköping points away to Göteborg but that the home team just got home with a try five minutes from the end. Also that a strong Södertälje side were far too good for Erikslund.

On the positive side it was good to see around 300 young players rushing around in Täby on Saturday and three good U16 teams meeting on the Sunday. The new chairperson, Mia Vargö was there with two of her children and it was nice to speak to her and Patrik Hillelson with family, a returning board member. Hopes for the future but a fair number of current problems to solve.

Author: HM Sr