Much better effort in third game of Sevens

30 Jun 2018
Sweden raised their game considerably and could easily have won against Wales. A harsh penalty against them and some poor line-out play probably cost them the game. Strong tackling and creative running with some of the younger boys showing up well was promising and there is still a hope we can keep a place at the GP-level. In the bottom four they face Poland who played better than in the last round, while a weak Spanish team face Georgia. If we can keep off the bottom spot we can be satisfied with the weekend and work on reducing errors in the final rounds.

In the top eight Ireland and France have been pick of the bunch but teams cannot maintain their top level in every match. Should be a good tournament tomorrow, the Quarters are as follows:

Ireland – Portugal
Germany – Italy
France – England
Russia - Wales

In another part of the forest in the first round of the Ladies´ GP, France gave a superb display to beat Russia in the final after putting out a seemingly unbeatable Ireland 22 – 0 in the semi. Entertaining stuff with Italy, Portugal, Poland and Germany struggling to avoid the drop.

And in our neck of the woods it wasn´t until the last quarter of an hour before Pingvin pulled away from Troján to win 34 – 19. Pingvin with almost all their imports, Trojan without their three Sevens stars. Interesting…..

Author: HM Sr