7s progressing

7 Jul 2018
Exiles Ladies doing well in Helsingborg. They started off with 24 – 0 against Helsingborg, moved on to 41 – 0 against Uppsala and rounded off a good days work by defeating Pingvin 37 – 12. They win Group A followed by Pingvin and will then meet Vänersborg and Malnö in the semis. Exiles – Malmö, Vänersborg – Pingvin. In the Men the semis are Södertälje – Wexiö and Goteborg – Hammarby.

In the European Trophy, Sweden won their first two games: 27 – 0 against Norway and 40 – 0 against the Czechs. It took them a first half to get hold of the ball against Norway, but thereafter they showed a bit of flair. An excellent first half against Czechia, 26 – 0, but then a bit disjointed with the bench coming on. Tova running in the tries as usual and Ylva Schwartz doing well as an impact player after the break. Against Romania they reverted, however, to the laborious play they sometimes showed in Round 1. Static passing out to Tova on the wing who was well marked and no creative interpassing otherwise. Defeat 12 – 10 to a pretty average Romanian team who did however tackle well. Not established yet who Sweden will play in the Quarter but this defeat will now mean they will at best face the Netherlands in the Semi, thus giving Ukraina a clear runt to the final and almost certainly no promotion to the GP for Sweden..

The standard is rising the whole time in the Men´s GP as better players are coming into the teams the whole time. Sweden lost 43 – 0 in their starting game against Ireland who have won the first two rounds of the GP and are probably favourites this time as well. The tremendous pace creates errors by the Swedish players which Ireland capitalises upon, but it is all good experience.
Great display, however, by Sweden against France. They were ahead 12 – 7 with three minutes to go and France got the winner, 19 – 12, with 30 seconds to go. Sweden could easily have won, with one or two small errors deciding it. Great tries by Ian Gowland and Dustin Eaton. Let´s see how we do against Italy who have also lost both their games so far.
Well, a good display again, but not good enough. Every mistake at this level costs your seven points and Sweden makes 4 – 5 errors a game. Italy finally won 31 – 14 with Sweden once again scoring two good long distance tries via Tobias Borg and Robin Fransson. We´re not far away from the GP-level, but we´re not quite there yet.

Author: HM Sr