Steve Wearing in memoriam

12 Jul 2018
The Mabon family would like to add its condolences now that news has come through of his too early death. (see main text below)

Steve came to Sweden from Paris in his early 20s accompanied by a Swedish partner with two young children for whom he became a devoted bonus father. He became quickly involved in Exiles and was a stalwart of the team for many years. Hamish remembers especially a brilliant display by him in the 80s when we won for the first time after many years against a then dominant Enköping. He went on to become chairman of the club for a brief period and designed some fantastic t-shirts for the Exiles on their many tours. He was a brilliant Art Designer and quickly attained a leading position in the Swedish advertising industry. But then, sadly, things started to go wrong for Steve. He had health problems and was seriously injured in a traffic accident. His advertising career melted away and he was involved in a number of other commercial enterprises. Latterly he was engaged in these in Spain, his new base, and it was from there the news came that he had passed away at the age of 61. One consolation was the recent visit of his two later Swedish children and a grandchild. During his later, difficult, years he was given much support from another Stockholm Exile, Karl Robb, also now resident in Spain.
Some of us knew Steve for almost 40 years and while we enjoyed many good times together there is a sadness about what might have been.
A memorial service will be held in Stockholm to be announced at a later date.

Author: Hunter Mabon Sr and family