Low level Copenhagen Sevens

12 Aug 2018
Copenhagen are still attracting plenty of teams but the standard is extremely low. More or less no British teams and less Swedish ones too. I didn´t think it was worth sending the Swedish team, but Ramblin Jesters a good English combined team entered late and this meant that Sweden would get at least one decent game.

My reading of the situation was pretty accurate. The organisers have a long tradition of putting the best non-Danish teams into the one pool, and so it proved today. Sweden and Ramblin Jesters were in the same pool along with two complete beginners. Sweden won both their games 59 - 0 and the Jesters scored over 60 in theirs. So who would win the group? Jesters are not a bad team who usually progress quite far in much better tournaments than this. Sweden had nothing like their best team. Not surprisingly Jesters, although not super stars, were much sharper on the ball and ran out winners 27 - 17. They will probably meet in the final but in the meantime Sweden in a second round beat another two no-hopers around 40 - 0.
I´ll report again after the finals. Well done Hans Austa who showed us the games live. His club Södertälje, short of his two best players in the Swedish team, are heading for the finals of the Plate.

Author: HM Sr