Today´s results

18 Aug 2018
Teams jockey for positions as the play-offs approach.

Allsvenskan herr:
Enköping - Göteborg 49 -15
Trojan - Exiles 7 - 65
Enköping came out with all guns blazing in the “Last chance saloon”. Now they, Göteborg and Trojan are all candidates for semifinals or Allsvensk qualifier.
Finalists almost certain to be Pingvin and Exiles but who will get the final home game for the title? Pingvin are 11 points ahead after league game 1, but Exiles at home next week will try to turn that around for the second year running. The most exciting game of the season coming up.
An entertaining game today in Norrköping between Trojan and Exiles. Well organized with a decent number of spectators and a good commentator, Bollspelaren is perhaps the most pleasant place for Allsvenskan (along with Trelleborg). A bit of a mix-up with names on the FX sheets but here is really who´s who. Exiles had their strongest backs of the season but were short of 4 - 5 forwards. They started at high speed with some fine attacking movements and only desperate defense could keep them out. Finally, after 8” they chose to drive in the forwards and Theo got the touchdown. Trojan had Linköping player Tobias Borg at full-back and he performed heroics throughout the game, saving at least four certain tries One of these was when he just managed to catch Ian on the line, but a couple of minutes later Ian was off again and could not be caught this time. One winger was injured and Jizzi M. came on as a replacement. Within 15” he had scored three tries with a mixture of sprinting and foraging. Then it was Dustin´s turn to score a couple when rounding off some lovely passing moves and with Jack putting over four conversions out of eight attempts in a tricking, swirling wind it was 48 - 0 at half-time. Tobias certainly helped to keep the score down but referee Rami also contributed. The penalty count against Exiles was 9 - 2 in the first half with Exiles either scoring or giving away a penalty every time they touched the ball. Very peculiar.
Trojan had the wind behind them after the break and a gap appeared for Tobias from the first play of the half. He beat several defenders and sprinted away to score a fine individual try against Exiles, not for the first time, in several guises. Exiles added another try in 46” by Oliver after more clever interpassing, which made it 53 - 7 to the visitors. Trojan took heart from their try and hoped to add some more. They pressed and were helped by another barrage of penalties which they kicked deep into the Exiles´ half. Exiles were down to 14 men after prop Mak got a yellow card.
The Exiles defense was very solid, however, and Trojan could find no way through. For 28” it was stalemate with a lot of stop-start rugby and no continuity whatsoever But as the final ten minutes approached and the penalty count swung in Exiles favour they began to get on top again. On 74” the number of defenders ran out and Jonny Craenen strolled over. Three minutes later a couple of clever grubber kicks saw Richie score with a spectacular dive. Jack put over five kicks all together to make it 65 - 7.
Jason got the ball away well at scrum half but Kyle was given a run after 50”. No 1 scrum-half Matt Mitchell, perhaps Sweden´s best player in recent years als appeared on the wing. He has recovered from a hand injury and showed that he had lost none of his speed and skill. A surprising appearance early on was Hamish Mabon. Starting as assistant referee he appeared to be there to make up the numbers. Suddenly he was on the field and played very well for a full 65”, including a spell at prop for the first time in his life. This is about the 11th or 12th time Hamish has played his last game for the Exiles A-team, his first was in 1983 and it was also a milestone in the morning as his son Tyler, the last of the Mabon grandchildren, appeared at his first Exiles´ training session at the age of five.
Otherwise the packs were pretty evenly matched both at scrum and lineout although Sean dominated the Exiles´ throw-ins, a weak-point this season. The Exiles´ backs as a whole were as good as I´ve ever seen them and they can be expected to give Pingvin a hard time next week. I don´t feel Rami had a very good game as referee. A 9 - 2 penalty count against a team running in a try every 5 minutes is difficult to explain; the second half was 7 - 5 to Trojan, although 5 - 1 after 20”. A bit more effort to let the game flow would have helped, especially in the second half.

Allsvenskan dam:
Uppsala - Exiles Ladies w.o from Uppsala
Bebrserkers Dam - Enköping w.o from Berserkers
Skåne Ladies - Vänersborg No result reported
Pingvin - West Göta 46 - 0
Decline of the ladies´ game continues……
Div. 1
Kalmar - Erikslund - Sunday
Södertälje and Hammarby meet on Sept 1 to decide who goes to the Allsvenska qualifier
Div. 2
Attila - Uppsala 15 - 71
Helsingborg - Spartacus - Sunday
Katrineholm - Linköping - Sunday
Berserkers - Exiles B - Sunday
89 - 0 to Attila one week, 15 - 71 the next?

Author: HM Sr